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Featured Resources
The Connected Child
If you can only read one book as a foster or adoptive parent, this is the one you should read...
The Whole-Brain Child
You will gain understanding of how the brain works and develops, and what that means to you, the parent, as you take on the incredible task of guiding a child toward adulthood...
The Out of Sync Child
A large percentage of children with difficult backgrounds, as well as many children with more traditional histories, experience an over or under sensitivity to sensory stimuli...
Parenting from the Inside Out
Parenting from the Inside Out clearly illustrates the fact that you can't take a child where you have not gone yourself...
Welcome to Connection Station

Connection Station was created to train and support parents who want to form deeper healing connections with their children. While the focus of the research and our work is with foster and adoptive families, the methods are equally applicable to traditional families. At the most basic level, all children have the same needs: to know that they are precious, to know that they matter, and to know that they have a voice. Read More…

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